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WATCH Paracord 550 Cord Emergency Survival Bracelet

A survival bracelet with Stainless Steel Shackle
Knitted up by several feet of parachute cord which can be used in an emergency or packaging.
Ideal accessory for camping, boating, hunting, hiking, and other sports activities.
Outdoor environment,carry a quick release rope, can be a clothesline, tents spare rope, packaged goods, spare parts, etc. Can be used for various purposes .
Break Strength: 550pound / 249 kg approximately
Length of Bracelet: Approx. 8 inch(20cm)
Please measure your wrist with a rope. The bracelet is for wrist less than 7.5 inch (19cm).
You can knit again if you don't like a loose fit on your wrist.
Material: Paracord 550
Color: white and black
Quantity : 1 pcs
$ 16.85
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